Why are Built-in Wardrobes so Great for Children?

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Built-in wardrobes offer a number of advantages over freestanding furniture, particularly when you have younger children. Here are just a few reasons to install one in your kid's bedroom:

They're Flexible

Probably the most important reason to consider installing a built-in wardrobe for your child's room is that their design is extremely flexible. Both the interior and the exterior can be customized – even if you don't want to pay for a completely personal one, there are so many variations on offer that you'll have no trouble finding the right arrangement.

This is perfect for children because they have their own needs and requirements. For example, it's unlikely that they'll need much hanging space, but baskets can be perfect for storing toys and more shelves than normal can be added to help arrange everything more effectively. You can also choose to have the shelves placed more frequently at lower heights, helping them remain accessible.

They Can Grow With Your Child

A further benefit of that flexibility is that built in wardrobes can be easily changed around as your child grows up. For example, you can select models in which shelves can be easily removed and poles easily added in order to create more hanging space when the child grows up.

You can also remove baskets intended for toys in order to install more grown-up storage devices, such as shoe racks. Built-in wardrobes can be designed around a specific purpose, but that doesn't mean that you can't change that purpose as the years go on.

They're Easily Installed

It doesn't matter if you're renovating your entire home or simply redoing a single room – having children around means that you need everything to be completed as quickly as possible.

That's another reason why built-in wardrobes are so popular with parents. They can be professionally installed extremely quickly, or you can build them yourself from a flat pack kit, in which case installation can be fitted around other tasks or simply completed during a free afternoon.

They Don't Leave any Small Spaces

Built-in wardrobes can be fitted to suit any space. That means that your room will look more professional because there aren't any small gaps left over where freestanding wardrobes and drawers wouldn't quite fit.

Those small spaces are perfect places to lose toys, and, if they're big enough, your child could get a hand or leg stuck in them. They're also a magnet for dust, which can aggravate a younger child's airways. Child-proofing usually involves covering those small gaps, but built-in wardrobes do the job for you.

Simple to install and yet versatile in nature, it's no surprise that built-in wardrobes are so popular with parents.