3 Essential Tips for Effective Smoke Detector Use

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Fire can break out at anytime within your home. The only way by which the effects of that fire can be minimised is by getting an early warning of the fire so that the fire department can be alerted. Smoke detectors are a useful tool for detecting fires. This article discusses some essential tips that you should bear in mind as you set up smoke detectors in your home.

Mix Smoke Detector Types

There are two major types of smoke detectors. The first is the type called an ionisation smoke detector. The second is called a photoelectric smoke detector. Ionisation smoke detectors and photoelectric smoke detectors have distinct advantages over each other. For instance, ionization smoke detectors are very effective at detecting the tiny wisps of smoke from a fire that has minimal smoke (that is, a flaming fire). Photoelectric smoke detectors are very effective at detecting the dense smoke from a fire that is just starting. It is therefore better to mix these two types of detectors so that you enjoy the benefits that each has to offer. It is also possible to buy a smoke detector that has both ionisation and photoelectric detection systems. This type may save you from having to install two different smoke detectors in each room.

Interconnect All Alarms

Some people make the mistake of letting each smoke detector alarm operate independently from the others. This is wrong because a fire may start in a distant part of the house and people may not hear that lone alarm. When you interconnect all the alarms, a fire in one room sets off all the alarms. This alerts your family members and gives them a chance to run out of the house.

Use the Voice Announcement Function

Some smoke detector alarms come with a feature that can allow you to record a message. That message is replayed once the detector sets off the alarm. This voice recording can be very good if you have young children. Your familiar voice will reduce the anxiety they feel when they wake up to the shrill sound of a fire alarm. The kids may be in a better position to follow the steps outlined regarding what they should do when a fire breaks out if those instructions come from a recording of their parent's voice.

There are many more tips that can help you to get the best out of smoke detectors. Consult fire safety equipment suppliers for additional help so that you can fine-tune your fire safety plan.