How to Make Sure That Your New Family Home Takes Full Advantage of the Australian Lifestyle

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In Australia, the outdoor lifestyle is part of the culture. Few places on earth have a climate that's as conducive to outdoor entertainment and it's not surprising that more people than ever want to extend their living space outside. In order to do this, they may have to introduce a wooden deck, but this does take a fair amount of planning at the outset. What do you need to consider if you simply can't wait to burst through those doors?

What Is Most Important?

First of all, sit down with your family and figure out exactly what type of deck would best suit you. Do you want to entertain friends and neighbours on a regular basis? If so, this will dictate the size as well as the type of furniture you need to introduce. You may want to consider a fire pit or an outside kitchen, together with some comfortable chairs and tables. If you want to indulge yourselves from time to time, you might want to make space for an outdoor spa.

Remembering All the Costs

At the same time, you need to calculate the cost involved with each option. Once you have an outline budget, you'll be able to make some vital decisions. Remember, if you want your deck to be raised up to take advantage of a particular view you may have, this may be more expensive as you will have to allow for sturdier footings, stairs, a safety fence and handrails.

Assessing Fire Risk

When you are choosing the materials for your outdoor deck, bear in mind that certain parts of the country are always under a bush fire risk. If you are in one of these zones, you have to choose from materials that are sanctioned by the government and will have to go through a specific planning process.

How Much Work Do You Want?

During your thought process, figure out how much time you will be able to devote to deck maintenance in the future. This will also have a bearing on what type of material you choose. If you like to get your hands dirty and don't mind the additional work, then you can choose natural wood. This will need to be painted or oiled from time to time, to make sure that it is protected from water or sun damage. If you're "low maintenance," then you need to select a composite material.

Making It Seamless

Remember, that your new deck is quite literally an extension of your home and will need to match the style and decor of your interior rooms to a large extent. In an ideal world, one will flow from the other seamlessly and that does take a bit of forethought and planning.

Have a word with a building supply expert to cost out all your options and to come up with your budgetary plan.