Tips On Creating A Sense Of Spaciousness In Your Kitchen

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You might be renovating your existing kitchen or designing one for a new home. Regardless, you'll likely want to engender a sense of spaciousness rather than a feeling of confinement. Here are several design tips to achieve this.

More Daylight

Brighter rooms tend to feel larger, so organise the place to receive as much natural light as possible. Large windows and glass panelled external doors let welcoming daylight flow inside. 

If your neighbours or the street is close, consider other options such as a skylight that preserves privacy. Skylights are efficient light-catchers, letting in about three times more illumination than a vertical window of similar dimensions. The reason for this is that a vertical window typically captures reflected light from the ground and outside objects, rather than directly from the sky. Overhead illumination often allows for an entire room to be more evenly lit, also.

In a place that's short of natural daylight, build in multiple artificial lights and lamps so that all corners of the room receive brightness. The globes don't need to be glaringly bright, but just evenly spread to eliminate dark spots that make a place appear smaller. 


The flooring can also affect a room's seeming dimensions. Light hued surfaces will reflect illumination upwards, brightening up the room to ultimately make it appear bigger. Also, get rid of clutter that gives a cramped impression. Install large format tiles with similarly coloured grout for a smooth, seamless look. When installing planks, in hardwood, engineered timber, or vinyl — lay them lengthwise in a rectangular room, to make it appear longer. Wider planks will also help to create a sense of space.

Wall Colours

Pale hues spread across the walls will also bounce light around. For this to be effective, however, the room needs illumination to reflect. In a dim area with little light, pale colours, such as light blue or fawn, can look grey. A more vibrant mid-tone colour might better hold its own in such rooms.

Splashback, Counters And Cabinetry

Installing polished surfaces across the splashback, counters, and cabinets is another way to reflect brightness. Shiny ceramic tiles or a polished marble countertop will help. Cabinetry covers a large area, and brilliant doors will add to the accumulative effect. 

One of the best ways to evoke a sense of spaciousness in custom kitchens is to increase the light flow. You can allow in extra daylight via windows, doors, and skylights. Then, once it's inside, you can design surfaces that reflect rather than absorb the illumination. Removing clutter and creating clean lines is another way to make your new kitchen seem bigger. 

For more ideas for a custom kitchen, reach out to a local remodelling contractor.