Why Install a Safety Equipment Vending Machine?

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If you use safety equipment in your building or site, then you have to find the right way to store the equipment and give it out to your workers as they need it. A vending machine helps you do this. But how do these machines work and why should you consider using them?

What Is a Safety Equipment Vending Machine?

These machines work like any other vending machine. The machine dispenses an item when someone presses the relevant button or code. However, people don't have to pay to use these machines. They contain key pieces of safety equipment that you make available to your workers for free.

So, for example, you could load a machine with PPE products like masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. Or, you could use it to store safety vests, goggles, gloves and ear protectors. Basically, if you can fit an item in the machine, you can load it in there.

Why Use Safety Equipment Vending Machines?

You might not have a single location for all your safety equipment. Your workers might have to go to one place to pick up a safety vest and goggles and another place to pick up sunscreen and first aid supplies.

Your workers might have to spend more time than you like kitting themselves out every day. Plus, if they have a long walk to get everything they need, they might skip some items. Alternatively, they might not know where everything is stored. What this means is that they might not have all the safety equipment they need when they start work. Unfortunately, this could impact your business.

You have a duty of care to keep your people safe. You don't just have to provide safety equipment, you have to make sure that people use it appropriately. As such, if you centralise all your safety stores in vending machines in one location, then people will find it easier to pick up what they need and you'll find it easier to be compliant.

These vending machines also help you manage your stock more effectively. If your safety equipment is kept in different places, then you might not check every stock level regularly. You could run out of essential items or have to pay extra for expedited shipping to get a fast restock.

However, if you use a vending machine, then you can see what is in the machine through the door. You can spot when stocks are low and replenish or reorder more quickly.

To find out more, contact a safety equipment supplier.