Stopping Tossers & Other Ideas for Reducing Litter Buildup Around Your Skip Bin

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If you have a skip bin near your office or apartment building, litter can sometimes build up around the bin and create an unsightly mess. However, there are ways to reduce litter around your skip. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Keep the lid closed

An open lid on your skip leaves your garbage open to gusts of wind. When the wind picks up, paper, foam containers and other lightweight debris can lift out of the bin and blow to the ground. Prevent this by keeping the lid closed on your skip.

You can get skips with lids that have access openings so your employees or tenants go throw away trash, or they can simply open the lid when they need to use it.

2. Don't let the skip overflow

If your skip is constantly overflowing, a lid won't make much difference at all. If you regularly have more rubbish than your skip can accommodate, order a larger skip or arrange for more frequent pickups.

You can also attempt to reduce your production of waste by implementing a compost program for food waste or by increasing how much your recycle which in turns decreases your waste.

3. Build a shelter around the skip

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, rubbish may end up on the ground anyway. Luckily, you can hide it with a simple shelter around your skip. Skip owners frequently store their skips in fenced in areas to hide them from passersby and traffic. Creating an area is as simple as putting up a few fences or building a temporary shelter.

4. Make the skip accessible

If you have a shelter, make sure your employees or tenants can easily get inside of it to reach the skip. if it has locked doors, people may be likely to just leave bags of trash outside the door, increasing the amount of waste around your skip.

If you don't have a fence or shelter around the skip, still make sure it is easily accessible. Don't have cars parked directly around the bin or let it be surrounded by snow or other obstacles.

5. Hang a "Hey Tosser" sign on the skip

Even if your skip is easy to reach, some people may try to toss rubbish into it. When people throw trash, they occasionally miss, and of course, the trash stays on the ground.

The "Hey Tosser" campaign seeks to caution people away from this habit and remind them that tossing and missing is also littering. A sign like this or one with a similar idea can serve as a gentle reminder to throw trash directly into the skip.

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