Three Considerations for Choosing Gas Ducted Heater

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There are diverse heating options which are ideal for homes, offices and other types of commercial spaces. Therefore, the task of choosing the right system for your building can be daunting. A good heating appliance should provide consistent heating in the interior spaces and the costs should be relatively manageable for long-term use. One of the best heaters to consider installing is the gas ducted appliance.

This is a central heating system which generates heat by burning natural gas. The heat is transferred across a heat exchanger and absorbed by clean air. The warmed air is released into the interior spaces through ductwork and across supply registers. The gas ducted heater is advantageous because the costs are significantly lower compared to electrical alternatives. Here are the primary factors to consider before choosing the best product.

Energy Rating

You should always check the energy ratings on an appliance before making a decision. This is an important aspect because the ranking is based on the potential energy consumption of the heater. In simple terms, if the rating is low, the appliance is not energy-efficient and it will present high long-term charges. The energy rating labelling uses a star-rating system according to the Australian Standards AS4556-2011. This standard outlines the regulations on calculating the energy-efficiency rating when labelling the gas ducted heaters. The lowest approved heater is awarded a single star and the maximum rating for very efficient appliances is six stars. You can choose the most appropriate heater depending on your budget and potential requirements.

Zoning Options

Gas ducted heating provides zoning options so you should explore the features presented by different manufacturers before purchase. Most reputable companies provide two choices for high-performance heaters: standard and smart zoning. The standard zoning allows you to control the heating in the whole building with a centralised panel.  It is a convenient choice and it will give you the option to turn off the heat in each individual zone if they are not in use. On the other hand, smart zoning is designed to offer advanced management of the created heating sections. Each zone has a controller so you can set different temperatures depending on the desires of the immediate occupants.

Ductwork Quality

The quality of the air ducts is important in gas heaters and the products should meet the AS4254.1 standard on ductwork for all air-handling systems. Poor quality ductwork will allow heat to escape through conduction across the duct walls leading to increased inefficiency. It is advisable to ask for a recommendation from your installation contractor.

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