Why Opt for a Wood Door for Your Home?

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When building a new home or when it's time to upgrade or change out the details of the home, you typically have a choice between a steel, fiberglass, or wood front door. While each type of material may offer a certain advantage, you want to think seriously about wood for your home's entryways. Note a few of the benefits that wood offers over any other material for a home's doors, and why it can be the right option.

1. Easier to change its appearance

Trying to change the appearance of a steel or fiberglass door can be difficult; you may be able to paint the door, but you may prefer the look of a stain rather than paint. With wood, you can paint it any color or stain it so that it retains a natural appearance. Painting steel or fiberglass can also be somewhat difficult; you may need to strip down the current layer of paint with chemical strippers, since it can be very difficult to sand down steel or fiberglass. Whereas with a wood door, you can easily sand down the material, and then add a new stain or coat of paint. In some cases you may not even need to remove the door from its hinges and only give it a quick touch up, making it look fresh and new in no time. 

2. Easier to add features

Trying to add a new deadbolt, peephole, or other such feature to a steel or fiberglass door can be difficult, as you may need a heavy-duty drill to cut through the material. With a wood door, you can drill for a new peephole or deadbolt, or add a window, lettering, trim, or any other feature rather easily. You can also fill in the holes left behind by these features much more easily with a wood door; in many cases you can simply cut a piece of wood to match or use wood filler or putty and then sand and paint over the surface. 

3. Overall appearance

No homeowner wants their home to look like a prison or compound, and a wood door can make your entryway seem homey and inviting. A wood door can give your home a very traditional look, and is especially good to consider if you have wood blinds or shutters as well. The wood door can be a good compliment to wood window treatments and can make your home's features look coordinated and polished. This can even improve your home's curb appeal, something to consider when putting your home on the real estate market.