Infant Death: Symbols You Can Use on the Headstones and What They Mean

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Losing an infant is a traumatising experience for the family. Parents and siblings are often the worst hit, as they are left wondering what would have been of their new member of the family had the deceased been around for longer. Certainly, nothing would bring them back, but a memorable send-off would go a long way in honouring the child and trying to bring you some peace of mind. A good way to do this is to use headstone symbols that will help you pass a heartfelt message about the baby you have lost. Here are a few headstone symbols and what they mean:

Lamb Headstone

The lamb is associated with tenderness. Here, the headstone can be made in the shape of a lamb, or you can have it engraved on a section of the headstone. This headstone is used to express the tenderness of your child's heart, and that it still required you to nurture it as the child continued to grow and develop. Therefore, the lamb headstone is a good way to show that you were willing to take care of the child regardless of the circumstances.

Teddy Bear Headstone

A teddy bear is also referred to as a toy bear. It is a common toy for playing children, which explains the reason it would have an inner meaning on your child's grave. This headstone symbolises companionship. The bear accompanies the child on their new journey in a different world after they pass on. It is also deemed to protect the child from harm. Therefore, you can use this headstone as a symbol of attachment to the child, comparing your friendship to that of the toy bear, which never leaves the baby's side even in death.

The Praying Child Headstone

The praying child headstone is used to show the simple connection and faith that the baby had in God. You cannot compare the innocent mind of an infant to that of an adult since they cannot tell right from wrong. Therefore, the purity of their thoughts makes them Godly, and you can recognise that aspect of their life by representing their special place in God's eyes using this headstone.

The Naked Child Headstone

The naked child headstone is a way of appreciating the innocence and purity of your child. Unlike adults, an infant will not see any wrong in nudity. This aspect makes them unique and endearing. By using this headstone, you express the things that endeared you to the baby and motivated the compassion and love you have for them.